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Restoration & Repairs

We are happy to undertake all kinds of repair or restoration leatherwork, with this being a large part of our business. Photographed adjacent are a few examples of this kind of work; we have experience in re-covering furniture, restoring leather bound cases, repairing and refurbishing handbags and luggage, repairing leather jackets, bicycle saddles and motorcycle seats  as well as repairing boots, although we do not offer cobbling as a service.

If interested please get in touch via our contact page; either by submitting a question in the form, by email or phone. 

Often repair work may require more in depth communication, photographs of the item or seeing it in person to assess and quote. Some repair work may not be possible for a variety of reasons; in this case we may have to decline the job but will always explain the issues to you.

About Our Leather
chair repair 2.jpg

What's on offer?

  • Luggage Repair

  • Leather Jacket Repair

  • Leather bound cases & desks

  • Boots & Riding Boots

  • Horse Tack

  • Chair Upholstery

  • Saddles (Bicycle & Motorcycle)

  • Motorcycle Luggage

  • Handbag Repair

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