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Custom Work

We are happy to receive questions about custom work, either complete custom projects from scratch or customisation of our existing handmade products.

Customisation allows you to have it your way; sizing, colours, carving & stamps, materials, threads and finish. 

We regularly carry out custom work, producing bespoke items can be time consuming and labour intensive. Please get in touch via our contact page either by submitting a question on the form, by email or phone.

Good  communication is key to getting exactly what you want, so give us plenty of detail and information!

About Our Leather
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What's on offer?

  • Kettlebell Belts

  • Pouches and Sheaths

  • Leather bags and luggage

  • Hunting Equipment

  • Horse Tack

  • Wallets & Belts

  • Purses & Handbags​

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