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Kettlebell Belts


All Belts are made to order

We will need your waist and hip measurements and the colour you would like the leather to be and stitch colour via email, phone or Facebook messenger (SPM Leathers).


The first layer:

We start with British full grain saddle leather, this is not only the strongest leather available but also the most expensive. At 3.5 to 3.8 mm thick, the fibres cross in a very tight pattern allowing the hide to flex with no stretch across the length. This is why we are able to make a thinner belt than most on the market.

The second layer:

Next is a layer of  tightly woven 18oz heavy duty cotton canvas which is bonded to the leather. This helps with support and structural integrity.


Third layer: 

Finally we use a high quality Italian nappa leather, with the soft suede in contact with the midsection. This has the added advantage of grip and as the body heats up during your workout the belt will only grip more.

Over time the belt will become more and more comfortable as it moulds to your shape and will last for many years.

​We hand dye and condition all our leather before the belt is constructed. We rub in our own balm, this is made from all natural ingredients: Tallow, bee's wax, carnauba wax, refined lard, cod-liver oil and citronella oil.

The balm is absorbed deep into the leather over several days giving the waterproof qualities and flexibility needed.

We never add protium bases balms as over time that will break down the fibre structure of the leather. 

We stitch the belt together with two rows of a non-rotting thread which bonds all the layers together. We then add the belt loops and heavy copper rivets, along with the welded buckle and buckle guard.

Lastly if the customer requests, we add their name or nickname to the end of the belt.

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