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Our saddlers leather handbag is wet formed over a wooden mold , It takes 24hr just to produce one front for a bag. The bag has a 3mm  thick strap that can be altered to suit your length, there are two internal pockets to fit mobile phones, purse or note book. 


There is also a security ring inside for attaching keys. The bag is fully water proof and the wings under the flap means nothing can fall out of the bag when locked. The bag can be easily opened with one hand using the spring loaded swing clasp. All the bags fittings are solid brass apart from the swing clasp and come directly from a saddlers suppliers.


The bags weight is only 615g . There will be limited quantity of the bags made due to the length of time it takes to make them but we will take orders by phone or email if stock is low.


Smooth Formed Handbag

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